About Corporate Rush

At Corporate Rush Pty Ltd, we are fueled by customer satisfaction.

With our dedicated hard working professional team, we are growing from strength to strength every day. No project to big, no project to small. We are here to help you and fulfil your needs. As a team, we love what we do, this turns our work and services into art as we make sure every single order is perfect.

Corporate Rush Pty Ltd, changed from trying to survive to a strong well rounded business, a versatile brand that is serving the South African market with excellence and great workmanship. Corporate Rush Pty Ltd distributes quality products and services to the nation of South Africa with excellence, giving every client peace of mind and trust in our products and services which has resulted in our slogan “Fuelled by your satisfaction” We are inspired to perform better and work harder every day to put a smile on our customers face.


Our vision is to continually grow and improve in order to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations not only in size and scope, but in quality and profitability.


Our mission is to provide the highest quality products and exceptional service to our customers through innovation, creativity and dedication of our entire team, while keeping our company profitable, offering rewards to our employees and exceptional value to our customers.

Core Values

Corporate Rush Pty Ltd forms a core part of our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. We pride ourselves in being highly professional, reliable and competent in all aspects of the work we perform. Clients will be informed on the progress of their order until completion and beyond. Our success depends on our client’s satisfaction with our product, “GOOD SERVICE AND A GOOD PRODUCT” leads to a satisfied customer. To always meet our deadlines and keep the product development processes going to make sure we are manufacturing a top class product. We act with integrity through adhering to ethical standards and always ensures that we deliver value for money.